March 12, 2019

Kilo Kitchen Finds A New Home At Duxton Road, And Returns With A Delicious Menu

When Kilo Kitchen closed after eight years at Kampong Bugis Road, it doesn't mean goodbye forever. The restaurant simply found a new home at Duxton Road last December, and got closer to its sister property Kilo Lounge which is just a stroll away at Tanjong Pagar Road.

Let's eat, drink, and make merry! That's the vibes I felt when I stepped into Kilo Kitchen's gorgeous premises. The floor-to-ceilings windows allowed the space to be bathe in the warm golden tones of the setting sun and made it even more instagrammable.

I'm so ready for Kilo's menu of modern comfort food that draws from Latin America and Asian influences.

A highlight of the new Kilo Kitchen is its open-format natural flame kitchen with a wood-fired grill where the majority of cooked dishes are prepared.

Using this technique, it certainly adds depth of flavour and a touch of char to the food.

Take the Pan ($7) for instance. The grilled bread of the day - fermented potato focaccia - came wonderfully crisp with a smoky aroma. It just need a dip into the appetite-whetting combination of garlic confit and adobo sauce for an even more delightful bite.

I know carbs blows my body up like a balloon but the bread was too good for regrettable dismissal.

The Grilled Avocado ($10) was also quite blackened on the outside after spending time on the wood-fired grill, but its inside was still soft and creamy.

It is then seasoned with ponzu, and topped with yuba, a Japanese soy bean milk skin, as well as crispy buckwheat puffs. This is a well-executed dish which proved that avocado can be the star too, rather than its usual role as a secondary ingredient.

Another of my favourite that evening was the Crab Croquettes (2pcs-$8 | 4pcs-$15).

The croquettes are made in the traditional Spanish way, a mix of creamy bechamel infused with flavours of slow-cooked caramelised onions, fresh crab meat, and jalapeno peppers, before being deep-fried to a crispy golden brown.

Utterly enjoyable even on its own though the accompanying basil vinaigrette is meant to cut through the creaminess of the croquette.

Kilo’s Seafood Ceviche (S$23) with tuna, octopus, and snapper, and the Beef Tongue Tacos (2pcs-$18 | 4pcs-$35) were generally well-recieved by my dinner companions, but I shall be honest by saying that not all dishes were to my liking due to personal preference.

What I'd gladly order again would be the  "porridge-like" Atas Lentils ($26) stew with manchego cheese, crispy jamon iberico, grated black truffle, egg yolk, and also carbs-worthy mains like Squid Ink Rice ($29) with crispy baby squid, ikura, aioli, and Ricotta Gnocchi ($26) with miso butter and mushrooms.

Kilo also offers a seasonal selection of fish that changes everyweek. We had the Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout ($46) during our visit.

Paired simply with confit tomatoes, basil and olive oil, it showecased the freshness and natural flavours of the fish brilliantly. The meat still retained its succulence after grilling, and we got to enjoy the lovely crisp of its charred skin too.

There's only two desserts on the menu so no time was lost deciding what to get. Just order both as both are equally good!

Coconut Tembleque ($14) is a Puerto Rican dessert where tembleque references the gel-like trembling movement of the pudding. Indeed, the coconut pudding was all jiggly even with a gentle shake to the plate! Its rich creaminess was well-balanced with the refreshing caramelised pineapple, pineapple granita, chocolate sauce and crunchy oat crumble.

Chocolate lovers should not miss the decadent Chocolate Terrine ($14) with brown butter tuile, and smoked salted caramel.

The offerings at Kilo Kitchen impressed me with its straightforward goodness, no gimmicky antics or trying too hard to be different for the only sake of being different. This is enough reason for me to think of returning.

Kilo Kitchen
Address: 97 Duxton Road, Singapore 089541
Contact: +65 6467 3987
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 5.30pm-12am (last order 10.15pm) | Fri 5.30pm-12am (last order 10.30pm | Sat 6pm-12am (last order 10.30pm) | Closed on Sun & Mon

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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