June 02, 2017

Misato Japanese Restaurant @ The Centrepoint ~ Quality Dishes At Affordable Prices. The Warabi Mochi Is Unforgettable!

Misato is now opened at the level 1 Gastro+ area of The Centrepoint, right next to Honolulu Café Singapore.

If Misato sounds familiar, you might have heard of, or even patronized the Japanese eatery before when it was located at The Cathay previously.

The current premises isn't too big, but is tastefully done up with custom-made furniture. Food are served on exquisite lacquer ware which visually enhanced the dining experience.

All these niceties aside, we were mainly drawn by fact that Misato's strong emphasis is on the usage of premium ingredients imported directly from Japan. Every dish is freshly-cooked on the spot upon ordering with no msg added. Prices are kept affordable with most items under $20.

Unlike other mid-range Japanese establishments where there is an extensive range of offerings, Misato's menu is concise with a focus on their signature dishes. You will not find any sushi or sashimi here.

Chawanmushi ($4.90) was an ideal start to the meal. Other than the smooth deliciousness of the steamed egg custard, diners with a love for finer details will also appreciate the dainty porcelain cup. Its intricate gold-painted details seems to impart a certain charm to the dish.

Next up, Seafood Kaminabe Set ($20.80), or Japanese hotpot brimming with neatly-arranged tiger prawns, Norwegian salmon, chicken, assorted mushrooms, toufu, and vegetables. The fresh sweetness of the ingredients stood out when cooked in the clean-tasting homemade niboshi broth. Quality Japanese rice and yuzu sauce complemented this hearty and comforting choice well.

Okonomiyaki ($14.90) is another of Misato's marquee dishes.

Essentially a Japanese savory pancake consisting of cabbage, egg and pork belly topped with okonomiyaki sauce and dried bonito shavings, this rendition ticked off all the requirements for a good okonomiyaki. We especially enjoyed the Japanese cabbage which retained a lovely crunchiness.

Texture of the Cha Soba ($13.80) was excellent! The chilled matcha noodles had a springy bite to it, and was wonderfully refreshing in the homemade dipping sauce. This was served beautifully on a golden-lacquered bento box.

I would also recommend ordering the Handmade Gyoza ($6.90 for 6pcs / $10.90 for 10 pieces). The handmade chicken and vegetable dumplings flavors are very well-balanced and light, possibly due to the choice of chicken instead of pork for its fillings.

Misato prides itself on using a highly-exclusive, premium green tea powder imported from Nara prefecture - the first in Singapore to use this ingredient - for their matcha selection including Hot Matcha ($6.50), Matcha Ice-Blended ($8.80), as well as Matcha Bavarois ($7.80) which had a most perfect wobbly texture.

The speciality dessert, Sanshoku Warabi Mochi ($8.80), is a must-order! We get to sample all 3 flavors namely goma (black sesame), kinako (roasted soy bean) and matcha (green tea), with the last being a particular favorite of mine.

Its soft, gentle QQ jelly-like texture with a satisfying chewiness was extremely delightful.

We waited quite a while for the dishes to be served as all are prepared only when diners places the order, so do manage your expectations here.

It can be quite disappointing as a customer to see that quite a number of items on the menu are not available. PinkyPiggu also wanted to try the Chicken Katsu Curry Set ($18.80) and her favorite Tebasaki Chicken Wings ($6.90) but with no luck.

That aside, we have nothing but praises for the efficiency and attentiveness of the service staff.

Overall, Misato offers Japanese dishes at very affordable prices without compromising on the quality of ingredients and presentation. We might drop by again for that unforgettable warabi mochi.

Address: 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint, #01-33E, Singapore 238843
Contact: +65 6235 2822
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisatoSingapore/
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm-10pm (last order at 9pm)

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

* Written by BFF, a guy who is desperately trying to find a balance while lost in the world of sights, sound and taste.
* Edited with additional inputs by PinkyPiggu
* Photos by PinkyPiggu

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