March 07, 2017

MOJO Singapore @ Telok Ayer Street ~ Protein Bowls By Day, Yakitori Bar By Night

MOJO Singapore has opened last month in February at Telok Ayer Street, serving protein bowls by day, and transforming into a yakitori bar by night.

Hmm... this 2-in-1 F&B concept is not entirely new, and there are no lack of similar salad lunch places either. As "mojo" can mean "magic", where is the magic then?

Perhaps the combined power of Shane Pow (local actor) and Sin Lee Foods (café at Bukit Ho Swee), the folks behind MOJO, might inject some magical appeal into it.

The drill for customizing a Protein Bowl ($14) is straightforward: Choose a Protein, and pair it with your preferred Carb Base, 3 type of Vegetables, Topping and Sauce.

Protein choices include Norwegian Salmon, Japanese Tilapia Fillet, Shrimp, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Breast, and Beef Steak (+$1). I like that the selection is sufficiently varied, with even two types of chicken cut available to cater to different preferences.

Baby Spinach, Cha Soba, Brown Rice and Quinoa all sounds good as base to anchor the bowls too.

Sounds not too bad at all.

A menu can be well-thought, but the execution part will determine its success.

Perhaps it happened to be a bad day for the kitchen, as most items that I've tried wasn't very ideal.

The Cha Soba or buckwheat noodle was overcooked, resulting in an overly soft texture. It had a floury aftertaste which wasn't very agreeable too.

Being fond of Quinoa, it was quite disappointing to find the protein-packed superfood at MOJO rather bland. Thankfully, the pairing with the strongly-flavored garlic-based sauce gave it a redeeming bite.

My slab of Salmon was also a tad dry.

The Chicken Thigh turned out to be the better protein choice! Its skin was slightly-charred in a pleasant way, and meat was adequately juicy and tender.

While the Housemade Kimchi Slaw appeared pallid and tasted half-hearted, other sides like Broccoli, Sautéed Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes with Pesto, fared comparatively better.

Toppings like Furikake and Almond Flakes gave a lift in textures to the combinations too.

Though these are not the best protein bowls that I had, MOJO still presents itself as a quick, convenient and healthy lunch choice for office crowd in the vicinity.

Come evening time, MOJO serves a menu of mainly yakitori to go with rounds of Japanese beers, whiskies and cocktails.

Recommended items include Tsukune with Hen's Yolk Tare ($9), and Pork Jowl ($6), as well as sharing plates like Uni Soba with Ikura, Hotate & Ebi ($38), and Foie Gras Chahan ($18).

Will find some time to visit for dinner soon. Maybe that's when the magical moments will appear.

MOJO Singapore
Address: 204 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068640
Contact: +65 6220 0723
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-12am / Sat 5pm-12am / Closed on Sunday

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and nett. Information is correct at point of published date.

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