July 10, 2016

South Union Park @ Jalan Kembangan ~ A Homey Café That Serves Awesome Honey Butter Fried Chicken!

The search for Best Honey Butter Chicken in Singapore led PinkyPiggu all the way to South Union Park, a homey café nestled in the quiet residential estate of Kembangan (10 to 15 minutes walk from EW6 Kembangan mrt station).

Quite a distance to travel if you're not living around the eastern part of the island, but hey hey, it's worth the journey imho. The food that's being served might not be the most fancy, but it encompasses sufficient quality to wake up any tastebuds (mine was!) that's jaded by frequent bouts of mediocre café offerings.

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One such item is the Fried Chicken ($11). It looked deceptively boring, just a gathering of deep-fried skin-on chicken pieces, cornbread and honey butter cream by the side, but..... surprise, surprise!

The thigh meat was deliciously marinated and well-fried. Great enough on its own, but give it a generous dip of creamy honey butter cream, oh my my my..... the pairing sent off a wondrous savory-sweet flavor explosion in the mouth. Love it!

It was such a yummy experience that I thought..... it would be regretful to leave without trying some other offerings as well. Menu is concise with crowd-pleasing fare such as Poutine ($12), Crabcakes ($12), Cheeseburger ($22), Poached Salmon ($20), Roasted Chicken ($20), and Homemade Pasta ($17 to $22).

My eyes were on the Duck Confit Tagliatelle ($19), but decided to go along with Butternut Agnolotti ($17) which is highly recommended by my trusted foodie friend.

I can taste why my friend is fond of this pasta dish. It has all the markings of edible comfort on a plate: Gentle firm pockets of ravioli-like pasta filled with sweet, creamy butternut. The earthly mushrooms and garlic herb crumbs complemented it well with additional flavor and texture. Not exactly photogenic or Instagram-worthy, but super super super delicious!

Talking about Instagram-worthy, South Union's Park's not-so-typical Apple Crumble ($10) featuring a whole apple served with crumble and vanilla ice cream drizzled with butterscotch must be their most photographed dessert.

Was about to order that too when the next table exclaimed, "this is the best brownie ever!". Indeed, the Brownie ($9) was delightful in every mouthful of chocolatey warmness.

Did a bit of research after my visit and got to know that the talented chef behind South Union Park is Terence Chuah, who has worked in some finest kitchen including Les Amis and Jaan. I must return soon to find out what other deliciousness he has up his sleeves!

South Union Park
Address: 101 Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 419139
Contact: +65 9061 8703
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/southunionpark/
Opening Hours: Tue 5.30pm-10pm / Wed-Thu 11.30am-10pm / Fri-Sat 11.30am-11am / Sun 11.30am-10pm / Closed on Mon

Prices are (1) Stated in Singapore dollars (2) No service charge & No GST (3) Correct at point of published date.

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