June 20, 2016

Big Lazy Chop 大懒排 @ Short Street ~ Grab These Delicious Ribs & Money Bags!

Big Lazy Chop
..... 大懒排..... tua lan xx..... err wait, I'm stopping the Hokkein translation in its track in case anyone finds the descriptive offensive. Oops :p

But it is all in cheeky fun that the folks behind Big Lazy Chop named it as such. Inspired by lazy days indulging in great food, the bistro aims to serve up Chinese fare such as their Signature Pork Ribs and Sri Lankan Crabs in a modern, laidback ambience.

 "Zhi char with air-con"? Yes! My friends would probably agree with me that it's not too far off to label it as such.

Nestled underneath a student hostel block, Big Lazy Chop is conveniently located at Short Street (off Selegie), diagonally across where popular Rocher Beancurd is. Art institutes including SOTA, NAFA and Lasalle are all within walking distance.

Can say it's located among the young, but will it appeal to the youngsters too? Well, why not? This would be a refreshing change from the typical waffles and egg bens. Time to jiak local!

Lunch sets featuring Big Lazy Chop's specialties such as Salted Egg Pork Ribs (with rice, vegetable and soup) starts at just $9. Affordable, quick and fuss-free.

But come dinner time, be sure to prepare tummy space for the full works! Starters, Ribs, Seafood, Desserts and all!

I'm glad we didn't hold back on the ordering that evening, because the food, though nothing over-the-top fancy, were all so pleasing.

Take for instance, the deep-fried Crispy Baby Silver Fish ($6). Such arresting aroma and addictive crunch that reduced our first serving to empty plate in no time.

Fresh Crab Money Bag ($18) looked pallid and boring but... surprise, surprise! Though the skin was on the thick side, it was utterly soft and smooth to bite as it's made of egg whites. The filling of shredded crab meat was light yet flavorsome. I super like!

These are handmade fresh daily in limited quantity only, so..... go go go grab the money bags!

It would be imperative to order the signature XL Spare Ribs too! Like it Saucy ($20) - salted egg, buttermilk, coffee, citrus orange? or Drunken ($23) - butter champagne, citrus champagne, butter beer?

We tried one saucy, one drunken and the latter won my heart this time. Not to say that the Saucy Coffee Ribs were no good, but the creamier Drunken Butter Champagne ones seemed to have that unexplainable winning edge.

The meat itself were both excellent! Adequately fall-out-of-bone tender, yet retaining a pleasant bite. Disposable plastic gloves are provided but the best way to enjoy the ribs would be to hold it up with your bare hands, sink your teeth unreservedly into those meaty ribs, gnaw off any remaining sliver, and lick the lip-smacking sauce off the fingers. Yummy!

When I took a bite of the Crispy Crackers Prawn ($20), there was a familiar taste in the coating which I couldn't identify immediately. After a few more bites, at the point of realization that the prawns are coated with..... crushed keropok... Wow! Love prawn crackers and to have it with big, succulent prawns made the combination utterly moreish. This is a prawn-on-prawn winner!

The Salted Egg Tempura Prawn ($20) fared well too, but could do with more sauce. Portion can be more generous too for the price paid.

Also worth a try are the Hotplate Hakka Beancurd ($13) featuring housemade silky tofu using fresh soybean milk, and the stir-fried French Bean with Minced Pork ($9).

Brilliantly-executed, appetite-whetting dishes that beckon for bowls of rice!

Finally, the highlight..... Indo Curry Crabs ($70/kg)!

Though the imported Sri Lankan crabs can be prepared in different styles including the classic Chilli or Black Pepper, I strongly recommend the original creation by Big Lazy Chop, Indo Curry.

Using four types of chilli, lemongrass, curry leaves and carnation milk, the flavor was superbly aromatic, with a gravy consistency that's between curry and laksa. Not overly rich, just sufficiently spicy, and totally slurpilicious! My dining companion was downing it by the spoonful!

It was a perfect pairing with the fresh and meaty crabs that's cooked just ideally. love. Love. LOVE.

Desserts are less exciting, only standout would be the more unique Fried Chestnut Bar ($8) but it's too greasy for my liking.

What I like about Big Lazy Chop is its unpretentious vibes, and of course the tasty fare that they serve up. Great place for a casual meal with friends and family.

Even lazy bums should try to get out of their laziness and come over for a dining experience at Big Lazy Chop!

Big Lazy Chop 大懒排
Address: 1A Short Street #01-04, Singapore 188210
Contact: +65 6238 8443
Website: http://www.biglazychop.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biglazychop/
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm & Dinner 5.30pm-10.30pm / Closed on Mon

Prices stated are in Singapore dollars and subject to 7% GST (no service charge).

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