February 12, 2013

One Rochester ~ Drizzling with Romance

Times really flies! In a blink of an eye, we're already into the 2nd month of 2013. It seems like just yesterday when I had my last meal of 2012 and braved the crowds to catch the brilliant fireworks at Fullerton Bay Hotel area.

 "As the rain washes away all the unhappiness of 2012, what comes next shall be the most beautiful rainbow of 2013".

I remember it was raining very heavily that afternoon. My friend and I had dinner plans at One Rochester and is concerned that the outdoor area which we had reserved might be too wet for us to dine comfortably. Assured by the voice on the other line that the outdoor area is well sheltered from the rain when we called to check, we drove over in anticipation of a good dinner to start off the last evening of the year.

The heavy rain had fizzled out to a lovely romantic drizzle by the time we arrived. I love the lush greenery which surrounds the outdoor dining area. Coupled that with the cool evening breeze, fresh smell of rain, and strategic lighting, it all came together to evoke a feel of an enchanted forest. It's easy to imagine some mischievous forest spirits peeping at us as we dine. I've to remind myself it's New Year's Eve, and not Midsummer Night's Dream lol. 

Of course there's no Oberon or Titania, but very friendly service staff who efficiently settled us at our table and served us the first item of our New Year's Eve Set Dinner (S$95++ per pax) in no time. Their knowledge of the food served should be greatly improved though.

Amuse Bouche

The chef's selection of this hors dóeuvres is delicately crafted with tuna, crashed pistachios, sesame seeds and crisp cheese stick. The citrusy orange and apricot dressing complements the tuna very well.

First Course - Petuna Ocean Trout
Poached Fillet of Ocean Trout, Confit Leek, Orange, Fennel Picked Cucumber Vierge

Very fresh, very smooth, very pleasing, very healthy, very fatty with essential omega-3 which is good for our body, my friend and I unanimously agreed that this is our favorite dish of the evening.

Second Course - French Duck
Foie Gras, Duck Terrine, Smoked Duck, Sour Cherry Sauce, Toast Brioche

Duck in three ways, which way do you like it? For me, it has to be the duck liver ~ Foie Gras. Smooth, rich and buttery with slightly charred bits, this French delicacy might be controversial, but I can't deny it's simply a delight which I've yet to be able to resist.

For you who are unfamiliar with Terrine, I would describe it to you as a more classy version of spam or luncheon meat. Basically a dish of chopped meat pressed into a meatloaf, this is too salty for my liking.

The Smoked Duck fared much better. Flavorful, not too salty and still retaining a right note of tenderness, each slice is agreeable but I wish there is some fresh greens to go with it.

Main Course - Angus Beef
Fillet of Angus Beef, Oxtail, Fondant Potato, Spinach, Cepe Jus

Being a moo moo lover, my choice of main course definitely has to be the Angus Beef, which is nicely roasted with a lovely pinkish center. Though faultless, it's not exactly memorable. The accompanying side of potato is rather forgettable. If I were to name the star of this main course, it would have to be the tomato! It was so juicy and sweet! Its' bright red hue was so brilliant!

Main Course - Chilean Sea Bass
Braised Chilean Sea Bass Fillet, Heirloom Tomato, Razer Clam, Crispy Salsify, Aged Balsamic Vinaigratte

My friend chose the sea bass which he finished till the very last bit. That should say something about his enjoyment of the fish, doesn't it? I tasted a bit of it and like the fresh and moist flesh. No surprise that my friend finished it all then, even though he's feeling a tad full from the earlier courses. 

Baked Mud Cake, Chardonnay Poached Grapes, Spice Ice Cream

At last, we came to the last course of our dinner ~ dessert! This slightly bitter dark chocolate cake doesn't disappoint. The contrast of hot and cold always works. I especially love the grapes which has absorbed the wonderful essence of the white wine.

All things must have a sweet ending, and I guess that's how desserts are to be served as a last course came about? So that we will always have sweet memories of the meal? Haha please don't mind my wandering imagination. I think I'm still lost in the magical spell of Puck's love-in-idleness flower juice lol.

Moet et Chandon 'Rose Imperial'brut, Epernay, NV
$25 per glass / $148 per bottle

Just kidding! There's no magical juice, only champagne. Here's a bubbly toast to a blessed, happiness filled year ahead!

One Rochester may not serve the most spectacular food, but the ambiance more than makes up for it. 
Drizzling with romance, I would recommend this to be a perfect place for dinner on Valentine Day, which is just around the corner.

I've yet to see my first rainbow of 2013, but it has been beautiful so far. :)

One Rochester
Address: No.1 Rochester Park, Singapore 139212
Contact: +65 6773 0070
Website: http://www.onerochester.com/index.php/dining
Opening Hours: Mon - Thu 6pm - 11pm (Last order at 10.30pm) / Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holidays 6pm - 12.30am (Last order at 12am)

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