November 07, 2017

Wolfgang's Steakhouse @ Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay Hotel ~ Famed NYC Steakhouse Serves Excellent Steaks!

Internationally-renowned Wolfgang's Steakhouse from New York City has finally arrived in Singapore after a string of openings across some of Asia's most vibrant cities including Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul!

Being steak lovers, we are naturally delighted to see the opening of Wolfgang's Steakhouse on our local shores. To avoid any confusion, I must first share that the restaurant and bar is located at Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay hotel (not the one at Bugis), and in no way related to CUT by Wolfgang Puck at MBS.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is a family-run restaurant founded by father-son team, Wolfgang and Peter Zwiener, more than 13-years ago. Wolfgang had worked decades of his life in Brooklyn's legendary Peter Luger steakhouse, and eventually open his own restaurant using his expertise to provide diners a steak dining experience centered around quality ingredients, traditional cooking techniques and high service standards.


The steakhouse's interior is reflective of the original New York institute with solid walnut floor, a rich mahogany bar, imported Italian chandeliers, and mosaic-tiled details. There is a sense of luxurious warmth and coziness. We like it!

Those full-height windows doesn't offer much view when night falls, but I imagine it to be the most lovely during the day with natural light streaming into the restaurant.

Diners who need a tipple can have a drink at the bar before or after their meal. For those who need a more exclusive space for parties or dinner events, there are two private rooms available for advance booking.

We took a glance at the menu, and conclude that, besides the beefy Steak ($70-$360) highlights, there is a good variant of Appetizers ($12-$50), Soup & Salads ($18-$25), Seafood ($60-$70/market price), and side of Potatoes & Vegetables ($10-$25) to complement the meal.

To help you better prepare your wallet: A Prime Petite Filet Mignon starts at $70, Prime Filet Mignon at $99, New York Sirloin at $99, and Ribeye Steak at $118.

An order of Porterhouse Steak will set us back by $185 (for 2pax), $275 (for 3pax), and $360 (for 4pax).

Pricing is in the expected range for a high-end steakhouse, but as the steak portion size is not stated on the menu, it can be difficult to gauge if what we've ordered is sufficient or too much. Is there enough bang for our buck?

As sizzling sounds and ambrosial aroma approached the table, our focus quickly shifted to the main star of the meal, the Porterhouse Steak!

To appreciate the meat even better, it's good to understand that Wolfgang's Steakhouse serves only prime USDA Black Angus meat which are dry-aged in a proprietary-designed aging room for 28 days.

Dry-aging is a laborious process whereby meat is stored in a climate-controlled environment to undergo favorable changes to its texture and flavor. Due to its water lost, and trimming of the outer layer, dry-aged beef typically results in a loss of approximately 30% weight. As the meat ages, its muscle tissue naturally breaks down to tenderize and produce a deep, concentrated flavor profile.

The dry-aged meat are then cooked the traditional way on a high heat grill broiler, giving the steaks a wonderful Maillard sear while locking in all its juices and flavors.

Served sizzling hot on heated plates, a full suite of sensory experience is ensured, completed with bubbling sound of melting fats, and the aroma of smokey char. This Porterhouse Steak definitely did not disappoint with complex flavors found only in dry-aged meats, ranging from almond nut sweetness in the meat to coffee like bitterness on the well-caramelized crust. Those charred edges are love love love!

Given the nature of Porterhouse whereby it consist of two distinctly different cuts, we were in for an delightful time as we enjoyed both the melt-in-the-mouth buttery tenderloin, and the robust satisfying chew of the top loin.

While the Lamb Chops were perfect in their own right, its adequate tenderness and subtle gamey flavors seem so tamed and subdued as compared to the wildly-pronounced flavors of the dry aged steaks. Personally, I would forgo any other forms of meat other than the excellent USDA prime beef. Just go for the steak!

We had quite an impressive range of sides to go along with the mains, but the one which had me taking a double take was the Cream Spinach. The sweetness of the spinach is well balanced with the cream, making this dish a must try. Who knows, you might get converted even if you're not a fan.

I would also recommend the Wolfgang's Salad ($25), a hearty protein mix of prawns, and chunky bacon, balanced by sweetness of fresh tomatoes.

The Beverly Hills Chopped Salad ($23) is inspired by the famed Beverly Hills which is home to many Hollywood stars. Consisting of a myriad of vegetables including lettuce, beetroot, carrots, corn, red pepper, it is all chopped to dainty sizes, and each mouthful provided a full range of flavors rounded off by the salty, tangy taste of feta cheese.

To end on a sweet note, we shared the Chocolate Mousse Cake ($18), New York Cheese Cake ($18), and Key Pie Lime ($18). My favorite was the key lime pie as the refreshing tanginess of the pie was a welcome help to cut through the richness of a meat-centric meal.

PinkyPiggu's heart went to the cheese cake. In her words, "it's rich, smooth and dense with intense cheesiness, an epitome of a good classic New York cheese cake".

Overall, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is bound to please any steak lovers. The quality of the food and attentive service were impeccable! A meal at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse would be perfect for any special occasions, or anybody wanting the finer steak in life.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
Address: 1 Nanson Road #02-01, Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay, Singapore 238909
Contact: +65 6887 5885
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am-11.30pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

* Written by BFF, a guy who is desperately trying to find a balance while lost in the world of sights, sound and taste.
* Edited with additional inputs by PinkyPiggu
* Photos by PinkyPiggu

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  1. I heard about Wolfgang, according to her they have the best stacks in New York. The price is reasonable. The environment is lovely. Thank you for sharing.