April 07, 2015

Banana Tree @ Keong Saik Road ~ Popular Korean Café Is Now In Singapore!

Banana Tree!!! Scared? No worries, there's no pontianak lurking anywhere in this newly-opened café along Keong Siak Road, but what you'd find are prettier than pretty Bingsu (Korean ice dessert), and a very gorgeous Singapore-based Korean lady boss.

The only thing that's scary was the patience-testing 90 minutes wait when we visited Banana Tree Singapore during their first week of opening, mostly due to the crowd that was eager to check out one of the latest talk in town, and the time-consuming effort the staff took to meticulously handcraft each dessert a la minute.

But guess we were okay to wait (having good company while waiting helped!) as humans can be in most parts visual beings naturally drawn to esthetically pleasing things. Desserts at Banana Tree Singapore are beautifully presented in flower pots, not too dissimilar to its popular counterpart in Korea where there are already three branches.

I was told that the menu offerings are more or less the same too, such as the Flower Paap ($6.50) which features their signature flower pot pudding in Banana as well as Espresso flavor, completed with a top layer of oreo "soil". Oh, the flower is fake, don't accidentally nibble on it lol. Just enjoy the pleasant smoothness of the pudding that is prepared with freshly homemade cream.

The Pot Bing Soo ($12.50) was another Instagram-worthy stunner resembling a potted plant. Topped with red beans and vanilla ice cream over shaved ice, it brought to mind our well-loved local ice kachang dessert. Sad to say the price is a few times over, but the satisfaction felt is less than half. The shaved ice could definitely do with a smoother texture.

Oreo Bomb ($12) did pleased the oreo lovers in us, but I reckon it need not take a great culinary talent to assemble this in our home kitchen.

Beverages like the non-alcoholic Lime Mojito ($7.50) and Som Som Latte (hot $6.50, iced $7) are indisputably photogenic, especially the latter. Look at that cloud of pink fluffiness! The freshly-spun candy floss over glass of café latte, milk caramel, matcha or chai tea was such an adorable sight to behold.

The price point at Banana Tree is kept reasonable, and remains affordable for the younger crowd it seems to attract. There are probably better options elsewhere when craving for shaved ice desserts strikes, but if I'm in the area and especially after a hot and heavy zhi char meal at nearby Kok Seng, Banana Tree is where I'd dash to and chillax in its spacious, welcoming space.

Hope the queue will not be another 90 minutes then.

Banana Tree Singapore
Address: 26 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089133
Contact: +65 6221 5020
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bananatreesg
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 10am-8pm / Sun 11am-8pm / Mon closed

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