September 17, 2014

The Company Of Cats @ Mosque Street (Chinatown) ~ Another New Cat Cafe In Singapore!

Recently opened in August 2014, The Company of Cats at Mosque Street (Chinatown) joins Neko no Niwa, The Cat CafeCuddles Cat Cafe and Meomi Cat Cafe as the 5th cat cafe in Singapore. There are many reasons to visit a cafe, but at these feline-themed joints, perhaps one reason surpasses them all: To spend time with some furry friends! Meow~ Meow~

The concept is simple: Besides the usual enjoyment of the cafe's coffee and food, customers get to delight in the company of its resident cats upon paying an entrance fee. Watch them, play with them, stroke the little bundles of furry cuteness, and if you're lucky, you might get even get a kitty curling up on your lap.

Some would describe it as an indoor pet rental service, or maybe in a more exaggerated way: Enjoying the fun that comes with companionship without being in a committed relationship. You get the gist.

Though the concept has already caught on in popularity in Japan for the past few years, Singapore didn't see its first cat cafe until December last year. Who would have imagined that, just within a space of a few months, we would have the luxury of five cat cafes to choose from, each housing a varied number of cats to visit and lavish our affections upon.

But I can imagine how happy some of my cat-loving friends must be, especially those who are unable to keep cats in their own home for whatever reasons.

I wouldn't say I'm a cat lover, but possess enough liking for them to wanna check out The Company of Cats cafe. The experience is all very new to my friend and I, from the moment we have to remove our shoes upon entering the premises, to being briefed on the house rules, and washing our hands before we're allowed into the "cat room", where the cats roamed around freely.

Like most other cat cafes, The Company of Cats imposes a cover charge for entering the "cat room". Paying $14 for the first hour and $5 for each subsequent half-hour block will get each patron one standard drink of canned drink or mineral water, or we can choose to top up a little bit more money to get our preferred beverage of juices, tea or coffee.

Affordable but not cheap when you lost track of time and stay longer than intended, I take heart that part of the profits are donated to Animal Lovers League, a non-profit organization giving lodging, food, love and care to many forsaken dogs and cats.

Cats may be the main attraction here, but the cafe does serve up decent cuppas using beans from our local roaster, Highlander Coffee. Though the flavored Vanilla Latte ($5) was not to my friend's liking, my usual Caffe Latte ($4.50) was enjoyably smooth and easy on the throat. No denying that the etched coffee art was very lovely too. Quick quick, must post on Instagram!

Be mentally prepared that the Mini Lava Cakes (1 flavour $3.50 / 2 flavours $6.50) are really mini, finishing the whole thing off in two or three bites shouldn't be an issue at all, especially when its center are oozing with pistachio, lemon, rum & raisin or hazelnut deliciousness. Light bites such as their signature Chicken Bak Kwa & Cheese Pocket Toasties ($6.50) and Caramelized Onion, Mustard & Cheddar Cheese Pocket Toasties ($5.50) are also available.

Cup sleeves were provided for our coffee and food were served in covered containers, a gesture which I must say was thoughtful and necessary because you wouldn't want to share your food and drinks with any roaming kitty paws or tongues. Haha but most probably it would take a very tam chiak (gluttonous) cat to attempt that. We are not allowed to feed them by the way.

The Company of Cats' eight resident felines all seemed to be very docile in personality, with each having a distinct look and radiating loads of charm. All of them are so cute! It saddens me to know that they were previously either strays or abandoned pets, before they were rescued and sheltered at the cafe. We all need a home, including animals. Through this cafe, The Company of Cats hope to inspire more understanding and love for our feline friends and help raise awareness levels for animal welfare in Singapore.

There is indeed a very homely feel about The Company of Cats, it felt like I'm visiting a friend's house rather than a cafe. Big couches inviting you to sink in, shelves with interesting reads, cozy nooks which made you just wanna lay back and relax. My advice: Wear clothing which is comfortable to lounge around in (I was wearing a short skirt, bad mistake).

Visitors are capped at 15 people even though the space can accommodate a higher capacity, as the owners does not want the cats to be overwhelmed and stressed out by our presence.

We wouldn't be chased away, and can stay for as long as we like inside the "cat room", but of course the cover charge would subsequently adds up to much higher. With additional order of food and drinks, the whole experience can add up to being more expensive than what I would usually spend at a normal cafe. But then again, it was a change which provided a refreshing break from the monotonous cafe hopping scene lately.

Now now, I wonder if there will be other "pets cafe" coming up next! Rabbits, maybe?

The Company Of Cats
Address: 6B Mosque Street, Singapore 059486
Contact: +65 6220 3835
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 12pm-10pm / Sat-Sun 11am-10pm / Closed on Mons

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