August 24, 2014

Kki ケーキReopens AT SOTA! Now You Know Where to Go For Some Of The Best Cakes In Singapore!

Why would I be caught by surprise that Kki ケーキ at 3pm+ on a Thursday afternoon during its opening day was crowded? The popular Japanese-theme patisserie well-known for its delectable cakes must have been missed exceeding much by their fans during their 8-month hiatus when they moved out of their former location at Ann Siang Hill. Well, now it's back! Right here at SOTA, School of the Arts (beside Cathay, nearest mrt Dhoby Ghaut). Happy happy!

The bright spacious space was bigger compared to before, and spots a clean contemporary look with accents of wood for a cozier touch. Besides having their good old 'neighbour', The Little Drom Store (which sells quirky knick knacks) sharing part of the premises, Kki has also incorporate a tiny retail area to showcase their newly launched home series of ceramics ware which are specially made in Japan by renowned ceramics-maker Kihara.

Though detailed recollection of my previous visit to Kki years back was vague (which is why this food blog also importantly serves as my food diary nowadays), memories of delighting in slices of edible heaven is certainly well-etched.

The cakes still look exquisitely pretty, and exude an air of mystery when names such as Onigiri ($9), Antoinette ($8.80) and Nao ($9.80) hardly betray the flavors it holds in their delicately-sized bodies.

We cut into the elegantly simple Nao ($9.80) to reveal a pistachio cream center and thin layer of raspberry jam beneath that lovely soft strawberry mousse. The flavors came harmoniously together without any flood of sweetness, very much a subtle beauty in contrast to the boldness of Onigiri ($9), a combination of basil milk chocolate with bitter orange puree which I find to be an acquired taste and not easy to appreciate.

Teardrop shaped Antoinette ($8.80, white chocolate mousse with mango) and Kinabaru ($8.80, coconut mousse with passion fruit crème), two creations representative of lighter fruity flavors would undoubtedly work better for me too.

My personal favourite is the Fromage Melon ($8.80). The smoothness of the fresh cream mousse was uplifted with a dose of refreshing rockmelon coulis, and given a crunchy nutty base for textural contrast. Utterly enjoyable in every mouthful. What's not to love about it?

Well, perhaps the slightly higher price point could be one. The cakes could even be deemed expensive considering its petite portion, but I would say the superb quality made it a tad more justifiable. We could do with a shorter waiting time too, but since it was the first day of operations with a few obviously needed tweaks as well as a cake-hungry crowd, we forgive you lah.

One very important tip: If you must takeaway your cake, do have it as soon as possible before it disintegrates into an unrecognizable mess in our humid weather. #notexaggerating #truestory

Have a cakelicious time at Kki! We certainly did :)

Kki ケーキ
Address: 1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01 School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore 227968
Contact: +65 6225 6650
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am-8.30pm

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