April 04, 2014

Choo Choo Chicken 츄츄 @ Bali Lane ~ Said To Be The Best Korean Fried Chicken In Town!

Any suggestion of having fried chicken would definitely get an unfailing YES from me! Lol! Especially when the place which we planned to visit, Choo Choo Chicken 츄츄, call themselves the best Korean Fried Chicken in town. Are they serious? After making our way to Bali Lane (next to Haji Lane, Bugis area) to check out the casual eatery, I can now believe they are not being pompous in their unabashed self-appraisal.

Though relatively new, Choo Choo Chicken no doubt already has its legion of fans. It was quite empty when we reached at around 11plus for an early weekday lunch, but by the time we were finishing our food, the space was already completely filled with diners. One group even have to be turned away.

The menu of Choo Choo Chicken is straightforward, offering Korean-style Fried Chicken in 4 different flavors of Original, Soy, Spicy or Sweet, as well as Rice Burger and Rice Cake - Tokboki.

I was initially excited to see Crispy Wings on the menu, until I realized I've to order them in minimum 8 or 16 pieces ($15 / $28). While it could be great for sharing with a group of friends, the portion is not exactly friendly for one or two person. There's no flexibility in ordering just 2 pieces (in case you're wondering, I've already asked). Well, next time then.

We ordered the more tummy manageable Lunch Set ($7.90 / $8.90) which comprised of fried chicken pieces served with c.c rice. But of course, if you have a voracious appetite to wolf down a Whole Chicken ($29.90), there's nothing stopping you lol!

Wondered if we might have taken too much time with the photos as we continued snapping, but a bite into the chicken many minutes later dispelled any worries. Oh my, they were still wonderfully hot and crispy! The dulcet tones of battered crunchiness accompanying each chomp was simply delightful. Juiciness and tenderness which did not elude even the usually dry texture of breast meat made the perfectly deep-fried goodness deserved an absolute thumbs-up!

Both the original and spicy flavors gave me different yet equal level of enjoyment. The original chicken feels 'cleaner' with a well-marinated, non-greasy taste, while the latter came doused in a slightly sticky sweet and spicy sauce. So lip-smacking good, I can't helped but licked each and every drip off my fingers! Also loved it that the chicken are not deboned. Gnawing all the meat slowly off the bones simply yielded higher satisfaction!

Our set is supposed to come with c.c rice, but we topped up a little to have C.C Cham Chi Burger ($6.90) and C.C Spam Burger ($6.90) instead. The rice patty is mixed with generous amount of seaweed and sandwiched a filling of kimchi with either tuna or spam. I find both burgers fairly decent, while my dining companion declared the spam version to be better. One thing we both agreed on: The Korean Rice Cake - Tokboki ($4) can be skipped.

This visit to Choo Choo Chicken felt incomplete because I did not try their chicken wings. Needless to say, I'd be back! Until then, I'd salivate at each yummy memory. The fried chicken is indeed... finger-licking delicious! Certainly one of the best I've tried!

Choo Choo Chicken 츄츄
Address: 33 Bali Lane, Singapore 189869
Contact: +65 62990980
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Choo-Choo-Chicken-%EC%B8%84%EC%B8%84/607095979350844
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 11pm Daily

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