August 12, 2017

Ramen Champion @ The Central Clarke Quay ~ New Full-Service Restaurant With Pink Ramen & Free-Flow Salad Bar!

Ramen Champion's 100-seater full-service restaurant at The Central Clarke Quay is opened!

Since 2011, Ramen Champion has housed quite a number of ramen brands including Tonkotsu Ikkyu, Menya Ryu, Buta God, and Joshoken. The latest outlet's concept has expanded to offer a wider variety of Japanese food choices such as rice bowls, sashimi, sushi, and also a free-flow salad bar.

Yes, it's not just about ramen now. There is more!

It might sound weird when enticing mains are beckoning, but the Salad Bar got me rather excited.

There's over 20 items, from fresh greens to pasta salads, and mentaiko salad, as well as desserts such as almond pudding with mango, and houjicha oudding with matcha! We get to enjoy unlimited servings at the salad bar just by topping up $4 with every main course ordered.

I went ahead and helped myself to a huge bowl of salad. The healthy inclusion somewhat made me felt less guilty for the gluttony indulgence that followed, and served as a great palate cleanser throughout my meal.

Our orders soon followed. Just look at that Salmon Tower Maki ($21.80)!

Towering with fresh salmon sashimi cubes, and maki pieces of sushi rice, ikura, ebiko, crabstick, and cucumber, it was indeed a pleasant treat.

Fans of sashimi would most probably also like the Maruhi Don ($21.80) just as we did. Originating from Kanazawa Japan, the "fisherman" bowl features fresh sashimi cubes atop warm Japanese short-grain rice.

The way to savor it: First, add the blended sauce of miso, sesame, wasabi and soy sauce to the bowl. Once you're done with half of it, pour in the hot dashi soup made of bonito and kombu, and slurp away! Warm and savory, it was not unlike chazuke.

My preference geared more towards the noodle offerings, with Tonkotsu Ikkyu's Special Tonkotsu Pink Ramen ($15.80) being my favorite!

Pink ramen? It was certainly a first for us. There is no artificial coloring involved at all as the pork-bone broth is infused with beetroot and blueberries for several hours, thus giving it a natural, pinkish hue.

I imagined its taste to be sweet, but the beetroot and blueberries balanced out the typical saltiness of a tonkotsu broth very nicely. Together with springy noodles, thinly-sliced chashu and flavorful ajitama egg, the entire bowl was well-worth the calories.

Other ramen flavor includes White Original ($14.80), Red Spicy ($14.80), Green Spinach ($14.80) and Black Garlic ($14.80). Will you choose the color or flavor that you like?

For an even more delightful kick, my recommendation is: Go for the Magma Ramen ($14.80)!

Six different kind of spices - capsicum peppers, Japanese black pepper, chili padi, chili oil, Korean chili flakes and Japanese chili flakes - are added to the creamy chicken broth, giving it a sweat-inducing, fiery note. The spiciness level goes up to level 20!

We tried level 5 spiciness which was too much to bear for my friend, but was alright for me. The thick, flat noodles and minced meat soaked up the spicy broth perfectly, and the hot stone bowl it was served in retained the heat very well. I will opt for a higher level of spiciness next time for more shiokness.

To complement the rice and noodle mains, we also ordered some side dishes such as Mentai Gyoza - Pork Dumplings ($6.80), Mentai Tamagoyaki - Egg Roll ($10.80) and Tebasaki - Deep-fried Chicken Wings ($9.80).

The menu also features a small selection of desserts, as well as kids-friendly meal too.

Ramen Champion strives to provide popular food brands that aims to satisfy the cravings of its customers, and I feel that this new outlet at Clarke Quay caters well to the majority. The variety of food is decent, and there are also special ramens flavors which cannot be found elsewhere. I don't mind coming back here for a casual meal anytime.

Ramen Champion @ The Central Clarke Quay
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-89 The Central, Singapore 059817
Contact: +65 6221 2156
Opening Hours: Daily 11am-11pm

Prices are stated in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST. Information is correct at point of published date.

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  1. Ever seen a bar which is having a salad instead of alcohol? No? Even I haven’t. I just saw that for the first time and it looks great to me. Unique!