February 10, 2015

NUDE Seafood @ Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) ~ Let's Get Deliciously NUDE Together!

Restaurants with raunchy-sounding names do have that cheeky spark of arousing our curiosity. Think The Naked Finn, and now NUDE Seafood. But "NUDE" in this case only innocently mean: NUtritious & DElicious.

Nevermind the hustle-bustle feeling whenever I step into the central business district, for once I wish I'm earning my dough around the Raffles Place area just so I can have a healthy yet hearty meal at NUDE anytime conveniently during the working week (no getting NUDE during weekends as they're closed). You whose office is at Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) where NUDE is located on level 1, PinkyPiggu envies you!

NUDE's menu is kept concise with a focus on quality seafood procured daily from a trusted supplier. Preparation method is simple with minimum seasoning, allowing the freshness of the produce to take centerstage instead.

Prices starts at $6 for Butternut Squash Soup, $8 for Corn & Prawn Soup, $13 onwards for refreshing meals such as Smoked Salmon Salad and Aburi Sakmon Belly Soba which we can grab off the open-chiller for a quickie, and $13 onwards for hot seafood mains that are cooked-to-order.

With no additional service charge or GST, I would say the price point is very reasonable considering the quantity and quality served.

Describing themselves as serving fine-dining meals at affordable prices with the efficiency of fast food, they're indeed not that far off.

Our orders arrived at our table looking simple yet artfully plated. The most photogenic of them all was undoubtedly the Herb-grilled King Prawns ($19). Beautifully butterflied, big and succulent! We drooled over both its prettiness and yumminess.

The Herb-roasted Spanish Mackerel ($13) came across as a tad dry, but was still palatable with savory seasoning as the redeeming point. Ditto for the Hickory-smoked Salmon ($16). But it could be our fault, we had let our camera indulged with the photo-taking for too long.

What had us raving was the Miso-grilled Chilean Seabass ($22). You can imagine how the perfectly cooked fish caressed our tongues with its thick, tender, juicy flesh and won our hearts with its clean yet flavorsome taste. Undeniably good, yet my favorite dish went to the Chilean Seabass & Chilled Somen ($16).

The soy-grilled seabass was as faultless as its miso-grilled counterpart, what sealed the deal was the bright, invigorating dashi broth coating each strand of soft Japanese somen noodles and toppings of runny poached egg, burnt corn kernels and shimeiji mushrooms. A totally delish combination which I love in its entirety!

Did I mentioned earlier that a meal at NUDE is healthy yet hearty?

Dispelling connotations that healthy eating is all about salads which sometimes can be hardly filling to last us through a grueling work afternoon, NUDE pairs their seafood-centric offerings with mainly the likes of substantial barley risotto, quinoa and forgotten grains.

Their signature forgotten grains is especially interesting. The medley of unpolished red rice, chickpeas, oats, sunflower seeds and almonds gave every mouthful a delightful burst of textural contrast. So satisfying!

But if you need a low carb option, it's still possible to swop the grains for greens. Just let the servers know.

For you who must end your meal with desserts, there are options of Brownie ($3) and Strawberry Mess ($6). Coffee ($4-$5) are available too, brewed using a custom blend from Common Man Coffee Roasters.

To quote NUDE Seafood - "NUDE Together: Our signature dishes prepared for get-togethers, meetings, and special events, because good food is meant to be shared."

I concur. Let's get NUDE Together. In a most delicious way!

NUDE Seafood
Address: 12 Marina Boulevard #01-02, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Contact: +65 6443 1167
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NUDE-Seafood/519592191476427
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm

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